3 brushes for the highlighter without which I can not imagine makeup!

With today’s post I wanted to finish the series with brushes and at the same time present to you my best brushes for illumination without which I can not imagine my make-up.

Choosing these specific brushes I was guided primarily by the ones I reach most often for makeup and what effect they give to the skin.

I also think that it is not important what companies they are from, and the most important is the shape and position of the bristles.

Fan brushes:

The most universal brushes that we can not do too much harm. They are suitable both for enthusiasts of strong glow on the cheek and for delicate emphasis.

Brushes with this shape are also suitable for building the intensity of the highlighter.

Brushes (oblong):

Perfect brushes for a stronger glow and for more precise application of the product. In my opinion, ideal brushes are the so-called glowmakeup, a highly illuminated face makeup. I love it to build a highlighter on the cheek.

Mini brushes (rounded):

Brushes ideal for very precise application of highlighter. They are great for building the intensity of the product, but more point-wise due to their size. Of course, you can do it glowmakeup, but I personally prefer a larger brush, the small one I leave just for precise application in a smaller place.