ABH Amrezy vs Sensique highlighting powder

On the cosmetics market there is already a counterfeit of probably every more expensive cosmetic. Fake / inspiration is smaller or larger but sometimes similarity can not be noticed.

Today I wanted to show you two highlighters: Abh Amrezy and Sensique.

Sensique packaging does not refer to Abh Amrezy, however, many people say that these products are very similar to each other in terms of color, finish, etc.

I will not deal with the appearance of the package, because everyone can see it.

Sensique vs Abh Amrezy
Sensique vs Abh Amrezy

The difference in price is very large:

Abh Amrezy ok 130-140zł

Sensique ok 10-20zł

The Amrezy highlighter is softer to the touch, softer and cooler.

The Sensique highlighter is harder in its structure, more golden and warmer.

Sensique vs Abh Amrezy
Sensique vs Abh Amrezy

They also look different on the skin.

Both products are similar to the brush. I work very well with them.

Both last many hours.

Also in my opinion these are two different products. I do not see any similarities in them to name them “original – counterfeit”.

It is worth having both for me. Especially that Abh Amrezy is a limited edition and incredibly beautifully packaged.