Affect Cosmetics – the best contour palette?

I met Affect with my beloved Drogeria Pigment.

Affect is a Polish brand produced in Poland. It has a very wide range and Karolina Matraszek herself gives the new cosmetics.

Some time ago I was tempted by another item of this brand and it is a contouring palette.

This palette consists of contouring powder, finishing and bleaching powder and a highlighter.

Affect Contour Palette
Affect Contour Palette

And I will tell you that this palette has taken over my small make-up world.

All products in it are incredibly soft and smooth, working with them is just a pleasure.

The G-0007 contouring powder is so perfect that when applied, it is almost invisible and beautifully highlights our cheekbones.

Powder D-0007 gently brightens and smoothes our skin, we use it mainly on the T-zone and under the eyes.

Powder or rather highlighter H-0004 is in my opinion, an ideal highlighter for any type of beauty. It is not overwhelming and beautifully reflects light and makes the effect of such a mega healthy luminous skin.

Affect Contour Palette
Affect Contour Palette  swatches

The palette smells like all palettes of this brand. The aroma is light, does not stay on the skin.

Everything is locked in a cardboard case, without a mirror. Both inside and as many palettes you will find instructions on how to best apply products.

Affect Contour Palette
Affect Contour Palette

All of these products can also be purchased separately as inserts for universal pallets or in individual packages.

The price of the pallet is about 90 PLN.

For me it’s the best contouring palette, we have everything we need to beautifully highlight our facial features.

Let me know if you have already dealt with the products of this brand?

Or maybe you are planning to buy something from them?