Velor sponge for makeup from aliexpress – is it working?

Velvet makeup sponges took possession of the Internet some time ago. I myself have tempted myself to the one with AliExpress, although I have not used sponges for primer application for a long time. Long time ago, my favorite sponge was the famous BeautyBlender, but later I switched to brushes because they faster to put them on and eat less product.

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3 brushes for the highlighter without which I can not imagine makeup!

With today’s post I wanted to finish the series with brushes and at the same time present to you my best brushes for illumination without which I can not imagine my make-up.

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Top 6 contouring brush

Some time ago I fell in love with wet contouring, but wet contouring under the foundation, that is on a well-prepared skin (creams, base) I apply wet contouring products, wait a while and then I put on the undercoat for everything. Since I have been doing so I use a lot less undercoat, my face seems to be “lighter”. Sometimes I add a bronzer deletion in the pressed version at the very end already and sometimes I leave the same contouring under the undercoat and undercoat, and thus the make-up is more delicate and at the same time the face is nicely contoured. Speaking of wet contouring under the undercoat I mean only a clear concealer and bronzer.

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Top 6 blending brush

On the market of makeup brushes, we can find a lot of interesting brushes for eye painting today. For me the most important is a blending brush, a good brush for blending because I am really able to do all the eye makeup. Not all brushes for blending are good as well as everyone can like a different shape of such a brush.

In today’s post I wanted to show you my TOP 6 brushes to blend shadows. There will be brushes from various price shelves.

My first decent brush was Hakuro H77 bought for plays in Drogeria Pigment. This brush is already a good couple of years and is still cool. This brush has such a size and shape that you can easily do all the eye makeup.

Hulu brushes are my next discovery. They are of good quality and have a normal price, about PLN 15 per piece with models that I will show you.

I chose P32 and P36 for blending. These are one of my favorite eye makeup brushes, and as I have a lot of shades that make brushes, I do not pity them, because for 15 PLN / art it is not a terrible expense (in Pigment, they can be taken even with a 20% discount for stamps ). I also admit that these brushes are easy to clean and keep their shape.

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease is a bit more expensive, but it seems to me that a better quality, at least in use is nicer than eg Hulu or Hakuro (at least I feel it). This brush costs PLN 46.

Morphe Y17 is a brush that you can use for both the eye and the highlighter. I bought it in a set, but it costs about 8 Euro, or 35 PLN one by one. Morphe products are available on their site regionally from the UK with shipping to Poland over PLN 150 and without duty, etc.

At the end, the Mbrush 05 brush is the nicest and most expensive brush in this series, because it costs about PLN 75. I work very well with him, but my exact opinion on these brushes can be found here:

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette – first impression

A few days ago, the new Jeffree Star Blue Blood was released.

As a big shadow fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I had to buy it.

The palette costs $ 52, somehow PLN 200 depending on the exchange rate.

The official places where you can buy JS products are given here:

At the very end of the page, in the “Official Retailers of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Products” tab. In addition to these places in the era of all-around imitations from Aliexpress, it is better not to buy if, of course, we want to have a fully original product.

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