GlamGlow highlighter palette!

I associate GlamGlow with their famous face masks, so when I saw on the Internet that they now have a highlighter palette, I was quite skeptical about it.

However, I would not be myself if I did not see her at all, to see for myself.

Let me start with the fact that it is the first palette of highlighter brands.

The palette consists of three different brighteners: light, medium and dark. This is how you can define them at first glance.


These are normal colors, no pink or blue colors that are now common in new products.

What distinguishes this product right away is that it contains hyaluronic acid, which means that our complexion will be even more radiant.

This is what the producer assures.

The palette is available at Sephora Polska for PLN 169 and its packaging is all rubber and pink !!!

When I first used these brighteners I lost it positively.


They are so incredibly beautiful on the skin, so smooth and create a shimmering sheet.

They give the effect of a wet highlighter. A beautiful wet effect.

In addition, the palette smells like these pink mists from GlamGlow to fix the makeup, which is mega sweet, but the scent is not long perceptible and tiring on the skin.

If you are wondering about this product, let me say that it does not make sense and it is worth buying!

The result is piercing my beloved highlighter Becca!