Huda Beauty New Nude the best palette of shadows from Huda Beauty?

New Nude is the latest large palette of shadows from Huda Beauty. Can we call it the best palette from Huda Beauty?

New Nude is the third large Hudaian palette, you can count as a fourth if we remastered Rose Gold we count as a completely new palette. I have the first version of Rose Gold and Desert Dusk and for some time also New Nude.

I must admit that qualitatively the shadows are quite different between the three palettes.

In New Nude we have a concealer that we can use as a base for shadows as well as for cutcrease. Apart from the corrector, the palette includes: 1 pressed pearl shade, 2 pressed brocades, 4 multi-reflective shadows and 10 matt shades.

In my opinion, Huda with this palette has come to a new level when it comes to the quality of eye shadows. A new quality for shadow, because there are a lot of better quality shadows on the market, but about it in another post.

Shadows in New Nude are very pleasant at work, they connect nicely together, they stay on the eye for many hours.

Matte shadows in this palette are super soft as opposed to Rose Gold and Desert Dusk palettes. However, in all these palettes, the pigment of these shadows is very good.

If you like the color of shadows and the price of almost PLN 300 is not terrible, I really recommend it.