Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette – first impression

A few days ago, the new Jeffree Star Blue Blood was released.

As a big shadow fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I had to buy it.

The palette costs $ 52, somehow PLN 200 depending on the exchange rate.

The official places where you can buy JS products are given here:

At the very end of the page, in the “Official Retailers of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Products” tab. In addition to these places in the era of all-around imitations from Aliexpress, it is better not to buy if, of course, we want to have a fully original product.

The palette comes in a beautiful paper box.

Jeffree Star Blue Blood

Inside there is a palette that resembles a coffin shape. The palette is made of decent plastic, has a beautiful closure and in the middle of the shadow, of course, there is a large, good quality mirror.

The palette contains 18 shades of 1.5g each.

I must admit that JS shadows all that I have encountered so far are really first-class shades. In the Blue Blood palette, frosted shadows are soft like butter to the touch and when scooping them on the brush, they do not fall apart terribly, there is only a delicate powder coating and the product takes on a lot. Of course, if someone puts the brush firmly in the shadows, they will be shattering harder.

At the first impression I made this palette with 3 make-ups to use all the colors on the eye. He works with them even better than with shadows from Blood Sugar (the older red sister Blue Blood).

My beloved shadow is of course Ocean Ice – deep blue with particles …. honey …

Super shadows interact with each other and stay on the eyelid for a long time. They rub perfectly and do not make holes, etc.

The only downside is that the dark blue shades are coloring the eyelid, but you can wash it off just a little more time.

The JS Blue Blood palette is a vegan product, not tested on animals with an expiry date of 12 months.