Kat Von D Fetish eyeshadow palette

Today I’m going to take the new ultra limited palette from Kat Von D, the Fetish eyeshadow palette.

I would also like to mention that I evaluate my assessment of cosmetics only on the basis of how I use them. I’m not a professional make-up artist, I do not paint other people. I’m painting because I like it and for the most part they are eye make-up very simple. Only when I sit in my free time and start to play with shadows “under the pictures” come out some strong and sometimes funny makeups.

These are just my opinions, not everyone has to agree with them. I do not want to offend anyone with these opinions either.

Kat Vob D Fetish eyeshadow palette

The palette has an interesting shape, mega unusable for me, however, I must admit that not every cosmetic must have a useful shape. We often buy because something is just nice, limited and has great content.

The palette has a velvet Fetish lettering. It seems to be solid in execution, however, by its shape I intend to keep it in the original packed box. He also has a mirror.

The palette contains 24 shades: matte, metallic, pearl and ultra-brocade.

As you know, palettes are not assessed after swatchach and after working with it, but when we go to the store, first we touch the palette tester with fingers and involuntarily do swatche. So swatches are some guidelines for us, there is nothing to cheat.

Doing a swatche on this post today is a bit disappointing, because if the shadows are generally called shiny, they are very cool and rub them on the fingers like butter, so the matte shadows after rubbing on the finger is not as good as we would expect.

However, as I say, I tried not to base my opinion only on the basis of the swatch made. I gave them a new chance during make-up.

With this palette, I mainly did makeup “under the pictures”, that is, strong, I blended it for a long time, etc. to try them out as much as possible and see how they combine.

I admit that the matte shadows from this palette are quite diverse. There are colors that work great but there are also colors with which hmm well.

Matte shadows from this palette are very shattering. I recommend first to do the eye makeup and then the rest because the powder has concrete and I tried as much as I could when taking shadows on brushes to do it as delicately as possible.

Shiny shadows are mega soft. Super works with them and even if we want to apply them with a brush and not with eg fingers, they give a great effect.

In the palette, I miss the shade of light beige, to acknowledge that I can make any make-up that I would like with a palette. There are shadows bright and close to beige, however, they are too strong on the eye and they are not quite suitable for ordinary daily makeup.

If you are a makeup maniac and you are not afraid of color on the eye, I think it is worth buying. If, on the other hand, you like simple, quick make-up, so-called daydreams and you have sensitive eyes (like mine, which tear and pinch quickly when shadows fall), it is not necessarily a palette for you.