keratin straightening hair

Since I remember, I used to destroy my hair with a straightener, because my hair is as simple as it is curly, so to tame it in motion after every wash went straightener.

During one visit to my favorite hairdressing salon my hairdresser Bogusia suggested me a treatment of keratin straightening hair.

The treatment not only straightens hair for long months, but also nourishes and strengthens our hair.

We perform Keratin hair straightening once every 6 months and a visit to the hairdresser for about 2-3 hours (depending on the length of our hair).

After the treatment for 48 hours we can not wash the hair, tie or put on the ear, etc. They must stay in the state in which they leave it after the hairdresser.

When, during these 48 hours, our hair is curled, it should be “straighten” with a straightener, but only the band that requires intervention.

After this time, we wash our hair normally, dry and ready.

To keep the effect of the treatment as long as possible, wash them with delicate shampoos and apply a delicate conditioner.

I personally use:

And later, shampoo and conditioner:

The treatment costs about PLN 500 (the price depends on the length of hair).

In my opinion, it is worth going to a good salon and not be afraid to pay a higher price, because in the end it is our hair and we want them to be beautiful and healthy for the longest time possible.

To confirm this, I will describe to you a short history:

“When I was doing my first keratin hair straightening treatment, at the same time a friend from work also chose to go for it, but she went to him to some girl who performs such treatments at home for the proverbial” st√≥wka “and the effect of my acquaintance with this straightening persisted literally a week, she was furious with herself because she thought she saved (she finally spent only PLN 100 and I am paying PLN 500). “I’m not saying that everyone who does hairdressing at home does it wrong! Remember to check this place and have confidence in the person who will do this to us. Let’s also check what cosmetics the specialist uses for this.

For me, the effect of keratin straightening hair lasts for over half a year. After a few months, my hair begins to curl at the base of the skin, but it is already regrowth and I can not help it, because I already have it.

After two such treatments (the first I performed in September 2016, the second in May 2017) I noticed a significant improvement in the quality of hair and a lot of so-called. “baby hair” or new short hair that I have not noticed before.

As of today, I plan a third treatment only in the spring, because all my hair is restrained to a decent degree.