Kobo Professional Fabulous eyeshadow palette- first/second impression

The Kobo Fabulous palette, created in cooperation with Daniel SobieĊ›niewski, was sold to Drogeria Natura some time ago. The original price was probably PLN 60, however, it was very quickly discounted to PLN 30.

The Fabulous palette has beautiful colors for me. 8 out of 9 shadows are mats and one metallic / opalescent metallic shadow.

The live palette is small. Shadows can be removed and possibly replaced with other ones, which gives you great opportunities when, for example, we want to take away one perfect makeup palette.

The pallet’s packaging is paper, without a mirror.

Buying this pallet I had very high expectations for her, but I was a little disappointed. The shadows are kind of cool, heavily pigmented, but some of those for me are too dry, they are falling apart, but nowadays more and more pallets are falling apart, unfortunately.

I work with these shades well, although they will not belong to my favorites. They did not make me the expected WOW.

I approached the palette a few more times, but each time I had the same impression that it is not what I thought about this palette.

However, for those 30 PLN (on promotion) or even 60 PLN (regular price) the pallet is cool, of good quality and works well with her. Although Miyo shades (shades of 5 shades) are better for me for about PLN 20.