M BRUSH BY MAXINECZKA – brushes for almost PLN 2,000 – is it worth it?

As I am compulsively buying make-up brushes, I had to have those from Maxineczka.

At that time I was still watching YT and of course I was buying “everything” from the instructions.

Maxineczki brushes are available on the Minti Shop individually and in sets.


Produced in Japan and have gilded caps.

In the end, I bought a whole set of black brushes, or 21 pieces.

I have been using them for almost 2 years, I wash with Protex soap and drought in casings.

These are probably the only brushes I deal with as an egg because I feel sorry for them. The whole set costs almost 2k, a little bit.

And so after these two years I can say that they are nice and they are super-painted …..


However, there are cons, which for me the second time would not tempt me to buy these brushes.

Each brush has engraved M gold plated, full grazing 🙂

And to be honest, for me it’s the biggest flap of these brushes, because in the first edition these golden letters clashed very quickly and from the second edition where the golden letter was covered with a thick “transparent” value of something it looks bad for such expensive brushes.

I know that Maxineczka probably wanted it to be rich, etc. but in my opinion, this gold letter is pointless, because it rubs or smoothes badly glued, and let’s face it for this golden letter we consumers pay quite a lot of money.

Brushes in use are super cool. It must be admitted. Although there are two models that have severely disappointed me with their lifespan 🙁

One to powder – it’s scary!

Second to the eye – looks like a broom despite the fact that I care and try to make it as long as possible lovely.

The rest of the brushes are still in great condition.

Also with these brushes I have such a love-hate relationship. On the one hand I like them because they are really soft and it’s fun to work with them. On the other hand, I do not want to use them because they are so expensive and these letters are washed away and the bristles from the powder brush come out and make their way to the eye 🙁

Unfortunately, I will not buy a burgundy collection, because there are many nice cheap brushes which I will not be afraid to use.

I do not intend to buy any further brushes, because in my opinion they are definitely too expensive and unfortunately I do not feel how I look at them.