Marc Jacobs Beauty – what is worth investing in this brand?

Marc Jacobs Beauty is one of the most prestigious cosmetics brands, prestigious and expensive and at the same time good quality.

I will try to show you today what is worth investing in this company, although it will be difficult for me to choose a few because I’m in love with 90% of the brand’s products.

The first product will be the cult bronzer from the coconut series. It’s beautiful, perfect and smells great.

Eye shadows will be another product. I will not point one shadow palette, because both single gel shades and entire palettes are really great quality and pure pleasure to work with them.

The base and haze of the coconut series is my two beloved products from Marc Beauty, which, however, are definitely too soon.

The gel eye gel is an unbreakable hit, literally. As I have a weak make-up remover, this pencil can bite into the eye (eyelash line) even for a few days. The crayon is very plastic and quickly dries onto the concrete.

Satin lipsticks is my addition to this list. They are not some great must have, however, they are very good quality, they stay on their lips for a long time, they do not burden them and they have beautiful colors.

Of course, among my favorite products from this company are still: highlighter (although I know that he does not like everyone), roses and mascara. These are very nice products and I like them very much, although I do not think that it is very innovative and what to invest in.