Marc Jacobs O!Mega Shadow

Recently, new single eye shadows from Marc Jacobs have appeared in Sephora. As the company’s shadow palette I really like, I decided to purchase these single ones as well.

Marc Beauty is one of the more expensive cosmetics brands and not all of its products are worth attention.

However, for these individual shades I am almost 100% satisfied.

Shadows are priced at PLN 109 for 3.8 g.

Honestly, it’s quite a lot for one shadow, but as they say “in the end it’s Marc Jacobs”.

As we can see, Marc Beauty strongly sticks to its traditional packaging, from what I associate all shadows, roses and bronzers are in the same packaging, possibly different in color (white or black).

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow

I like it personally, the packaging is simple and classy.

Oma mega’s light shades also have a mirror in them.

I purchased two shades: 530 DADDI-O! and 550 O! MG

One is matte, the other shiny.

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow 550 O!MG
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow  550 O!MG
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow  530 DADD-O!
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow  530 DADD-O!
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega shadow  530 DADD-O! and 550 O!MG

These shadows are completely different from the eye shadows seen so far. In touch they are like gel, wet and very highly pigmented.

Working with them is a really great pleasure, the shadows do not fall apart. They are very well rubbed with both a brush and a finger.

I tested them in three variants:

1. a full eye make-up: a combination of traditional shades and new gel shades using a UD base on one eye and Painterly Paint Pot from a Mac on the other

the shadows were great, the make-up on both eyes lasted for many hours

2.naścienie gel: one on the entire eyelid without any base

it was a complete flap, the shadows went down an hour after the eye, there was nothing left

3. Gel shadows: one shadow for the entire eyelid with a base from Urban Decay

the shadows ideally held for many hours, rubbed beautifully, nothing accumulated in the break of the eyelid

In summary: the shadows are great, but only on the base. It works well with them, they combine with traditional shades only this price … in my opinion it is definitely too much for one shadow.

Would I buy them again? Yes, because I love shadows from this company. And probably I will buy more colors, but maybe I will wait until there will be some promotion.