Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette – first impression

I waited a long time for Natasha Denony’s pallets and I was gathering to buy them, but I was always horrified by their price.

Recently, one mini pallet appeared at Sephora Polska at an affordable price and I decided to buy it to test it and know if it is worth collecting it for its larger pallets, which already cost over PLN 500.

The Mini Sunset palette costs PLN 109 in Sephora. Online very quickly ended, but I managed to get it stationary in one drugstore in Krakow.

The palette was on the bookcase at the cash register among thumbnails. I am not surprised at all because it is so tiny that when I saw it I could not stop laughing because I have never seen such a small palette and shadows.

As you can see the size of the pallet is really mini.

The shadows themselves are really great, they work very well with them. Super blend and connect with each other.

The palette has made a great impression on me when it comes to shadows and working with them. I have never seen the eye so well with this palette.

The downside is that the first matte shade is very flaky in the palette (I do not see it on the palette) and the palette is very dirty when I apply foils with my fingers, but it’s only because these shadows are just very small.

The shadows on the eyelid lasted for long hours and nothing bad happened to them.

I will certainly want to test Natasha Denona’s other palettes, because I’m delighted and I hope that other palettes are just as great.