Natural coconut soap for cleaning and care of Senkar cosmetic brushes

Being on the last Ekoteks, i.e. natural cosmetics fair, I have encountered many interesting companies and their products.

One of these more interesting companies was the Senkara company.

I was tempted to lip balm and natural coconut soap for cleaning and care of cosmetic brushes.

I admit that I have never used special brushes for brushes before. I have been using Protox Soap with Vitamin E.

So Senkar’s soap was very interesting.


The composition of this soap is: Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Aroma, Coumarin or ingredient of the fragrance composition.

How to use: soak brush, put in container and circular movements, clean the surface of the soap and then thoroughly rinse and dry. Soak the surface of the soap with a paper towel.

Everything seems so simple and pleasant. Until use.

The soap has worn out at a very fast pace. Washing every day for 10-13 brushes (so much I use as much as I paint) the soap ended up in less than 2 weeks.

In my opinion, this is very fast and mega inefficient, because the soap costs about 25 zlotys and it suffices for intensive use for 2 weeks.

So spending PLN 50 a month on soap for brushes is too much for me.

Using this product to wash my brushes, I noticed that with brushes on loose products he handled quite nicely, but with brushes, for example, on a base or base for shadows, not necessarily.

Brushes after wet products I had to wash a lot longer and knead them every now and then the effect was not perfect, so the soap ended much faster, because I have to mention that very quickly foam: /

After brushing, brushes should be very, very rinse, which does not help in saving water. After drying, my brushes were, despite this intense rinsing, quite stiff and some strangely musty 🙁

I had brushes with artificial and natural bristles with this soap.

And the worst thing for me was that I could smell the coconut everywhere! I will not say that I like this fragrance or not. The smell was just so intense and stifling that it was repulsive to me.


I have not had Senkara natural soap for brushes.

Quick wear, smell, stiff bristles of brushes after washing and problems with washing brushes made me happy that the soap was over and I returned with great joy to the proven Protex with vitamin E.