The foundation in droplets from NYX is probably the first one on the market (I think so at least).

I bought it as soon as it appeared and at the beginning I did not associate great hopes with it.

Now that I’ve used up the entire packaging, I can share my insights with you.

As I wrote in previous posts, I have a mixed complexion to oily skin.

The foundation is:

-it can be very nicely built with cover
-blends perfectly into the skin
-it does not clog
-it does not collect in skin folds
-apply it well with a sponge and brush
-it does not oxidize
-does not rub when worn
-nicely accepts more cosmetics on yourself, both dry and wet

The bottle of this foundation has 13ml and costs about 75 PLN.

If we compare the volume of this cosmetic to others in this group, it may seem to us that it is not enough for a high price. However, when we start using it and do not build it, we do not know how strong it is enough for a lot of time.

In the bottle we have a dropper that works very well and we will not make stains on the clothes during the application (because the foundation is very watery).


I will definitely come back to this foundation and buy more packaging.

Let me know in the comments if you used this product, and if not what other similar would you recommend?