Pixi Cosmetics

The latest news that appeared in Sephora Polska.

Pixi Cosmetics is a brand founded in the UK by a working mother of 4 Petra children. Pixi Cosmetics has been on the market for 10 years. It was created out of passion for a beautiful complexion and help women, so that they all look like only themselves better, healthier, more beautiful.

As soon as Pixi Cosmetics appeared in Sephora, I obtained Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, an exfoliating tonic that tightens, firms and evens the texture of our skin (read on sephora.pl).

Personally, in the winter I went for facial cleansing with acids, so I thought that this tonic could be a great complement to the treatment. And that’s what happened.

My complexion is much more smooth, nourished and tense.

I use the tonic a little after each face wash and gently pat it into my skin. Of course, I miss the eye area.

The product does not dry the skin, I do not have the feeling of tightening and does not pinch my face. It absorbs quickly and is very efficient. I do not feel the smell personally.

Currently, the product is not available on the Sephory website, but I hope that it will be available for sale.

However, you can subscribe to notifications when it is available again:


Buy it directly on the manufacturer’s website:


Free and with free shipping when ordering more than 35 pounds.

After reviewing the manufacturer’s website, I will probably buy some other products from this brand, because tonic itself is delighted.