Sephora, ABH, testers

In the beauty world, it’s great to go to the drugstore and before you buy it, first touch the cosmetic. We can see what the consistency of the cosmetic is, the color and also the packaging.

Unfortunately, it is often deterring me. Being aware of how potential customers “use” testers and not knowing who did what with their hands before entering the drugstore and being aware of dirt and bacteria … ehh fuu …

Recently, I was in Sephora in Krakow, in one of the largest stores from this network I looked at the testers of pallets from ABH.

And I think I did it unnecessarily;) but I had to capture it and show it to you.

I have some own conclusions after what I saw:

  • packaging as for such a price could be a bit better quality
  • I wonder if customers treat private cosmetics / cosmetics in the same way?
  • it discourages me from shopping
  • Can Sephora change testers in this situation?
  • If I did not know the shadows of ABH, I would not buy them after this tester