The best shadow palettes I’ve seen

The most beautiful palette of shadows I’ve seen and I have in my collection.

They are amazingly pigmented, colorful, blend beautifully, combine with each other and stay on the eye for a long time! To the extent that they can (especially those pink, blue colors) discolor the skin. For some, this may be a problem and I understand it perfectly, but the discoloration quickly goes away (I have to use Resibo oil twice to wash everything from the eyelid).

What is not done for the beautiful makeup of the eye;) And makeup is after all fun, so how crazy to go crazy!

But to the thing I’m talking about, what company? I’m talking about pallets from …..



As the producer writes on his website :

” Juvias is a cosmetics brand that provides the richest, vibrant and colorful colors of life that will take you from the office to the Caribbean island and everywhere between them. we create juvias as a way to pardon beauty enthusiasts, an affordable collection of colorful eye shadows, makeup tools and essential cosmetics. We strive to provide you with the most balanced, lively and juicy colors with the incredible strength of the outfit that any lover of beauty can afford.”

źródło : 




On the site we can read that these pallets can be bought from the French store now 

And soon with without customs and unnecessary taxes;)

The prices of these pallets are around $ 25-30! I hope that the price on BeautyBay will be similar, because nobody likes to overpay.