Top 10 foundation brush

A good foundation brush is the same art as a good sponge foundation. Everyone has their own taste for this type of tools. Today, I wanted to share my favorites with you when it comes to foundation brushes.

Some time ago I stopped using beauty blender sponges and I make all my makeup with brushes. I admit that from time to time I reach for the sponge, but it happens more or less twice a year.

AliExpress opens my list of foundation brushes. Unfortunately, the seller (named SACE PANI) at which I bought my art no longer has this product so I do not have to glue the link, but if you see a similar brush on Ali, I recommend it because it’s really cool, quickly and evenly distributes the undercoat and to clean it quickly. The brush itself has short, strong bristles, very pleasant to the touch. Well, it cost about PLN 16.

Annabelle Minerals brush for mineral foundations. Kabuki brush is handy, soft and perfectly distributes mineral products on our face.

Hebe is another discovery. Brushes cost a pittance and really great work. If you want to try applying a foundation with a brush and you do not know if you like it then these brushes are perfect. My favorites are F08 and F09.

Morphe Y6 one of those that I reach for every make-up. Morphe has really great brushes at a good price. In addition, you can order them directly from their website because they have opened a branch / branches for Europe, so we have and free shipping above PLN 150 and there are no additional charges like duty, etc.

Huda Beauty. It’s comfortable, it’s good in the hand, super spreads the product on the face and cleans quickly. It costs about PLN 120 and is available in Sephora Polska. The only objection I have is that it is not a very solid construction or I have a fake art? Because a little handle from the handle loosens.

Zoeva :

104 Buffer

102 Silk Finish

103 Defined Buffer

Three different brushes in terms of shape, however, qualitatively the same. Zoeva is for me one of the first companies I started using when it comes to brushes and has not let me down for years.

Urban Decay PRO is my biggest HIT! You can do it literally the whole face makeup. It has a perfect shape, dense bristles, ideally hard and does not get wet from the undercoat thanks to chastise immediately after applying the undercoat, you can easily apply powder, contour, highlighter and we do not weigh anything.

Why did I choose brushes and quit sponges?

  • brushes are more hygienic
  • brushes can be clicked faster
  • brushes are more vital, because sponges should be replaced every few months
  • you do not need to soak brushes in water before use
  • can be disinfected quickly if we paint several people in a row
  • they do not eat products like sponges
  • in my case, the foundation quickly rubbed on the sponge, the brush fills it better into the skin
  • brushes do not pierce from long nails like sponges