Top 6 contouring brush

Some time ago I fell in love with wet contouring, but wet contouring under the foundation, that is on a well-prepared skin (creams, base) I apply wet contouring products, wait a while and then I put on the undercoat for everything. Since I have been doing so I use a lot less undercoat, my face seems to be “lighter”. Sometimes I add a bronzer deletion in the pressed version at the very end already and sometimes I leave the same contouring under the undercoat and undercoat, and thus the make-up is more delicate and at the same time the face is nicely contoured. Speaking of wet contouring under the undercoat I mean only a clear concealer and bronzer.

In today’s post I want to show you my favorite brushes for just such contouring.

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer is a very nice brush for contouring the nose, lips or a more accurate application of the concealer under the eyes. The brush is short, compact and soft at the same time. It is suitable for rubbing and for applying the product to the skin.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape is the bigger sister Zoeva 142. It’s perfect for contouring the whole face.

Zoeva 109 Face Paint Vegan is a flat, perfect brush for applying concealer under the eye, leveling the make-up line of the eye, contouring the entire face. It’s soft, precise.

Makeup Revolution London, a brush that does not have a number, unfortunately, nor the exact name. It is in the shape similar to that of Zoeva 109 only a little thicker and shorter bristles. It is very pleasant to the touch, it perfectly distributes cosmetics on the face and is easy to clean.

Morphe Y8 brush and contouring and undercoat. It is larger than the brushes from Zoeva or Mur shown above. It’s softer. You can use it to make the entire face.

Morphe Y12 shorter than Zoeva 109. A compact, precise brush for contouring both the face and nose.