Velor sponge for makeup from aliexpress – is it working?

Velvet makeup sponges took possession of the Internet some time ago. I myself have tempted myself to the one with AliExpress, although I have not used sponges for primer application for a long time. Long time ago, my favorite sponge was the famous BeautyBlender, but later I switched to brushes because they faster to put them on and eat less product.

A velvet sponge on AliExpress costs about PLN 11. It is nice to the touch, hairy and in a nice shape that allows the exact application of the product, both undercoat and concealer under the eye, is, as the name also indicates the entire hairy.

The sponge is quite large and only grows a bit when wet.

Already with the first application of the foundation, I knew that it would be my hit. This sponge does not eat a lot of product, it spreads nicely on the skin and gives an incredibly natural and beautiful finish. I can confidently say that the effect is better than a brush or the iconic BeautyBlender.

The downside is that the sponge quickly loses its Italian, although it does not interfere with the application of the products because the effect is still beautiful. However, the washing of this sponge borders on a miracle. It’s been a long time since I got tired of washing sponges or make-up brushes like with this sponge. Only soaking, anti-bacterial soap and a silicone washcloth with insets somehow cope with it.

I try to apply this sponge only undercoat and concealer, because when applying the powder on the wet products on the sponge creates a thick layer that can not be used.

Link to the AliExpress store at which I bought my sponge (shipment came as a package of Poczta Polska in about 2 weeks from the order):