Wibo x Zmalowana #mychoicewibo – first impression

The Wibo brand palette in cooperation with Zmalowana Marta Parciak has been available for sale in the Rossmann network for some time. This is my first palette of this company, I think I have never used anything like this company because since I remember cosmetics like: shadows, concealers, carcases from drugstore make me sensitive.

I bought this palette using impulse and I must admit that I was afraid to use it for a few days. However, today is the time to face it.

The palette is made of plastic, has a large mirror. In the middle you will find a highlighter and 6 shades. All these products are in removable cartridges, so you can buy more or end up exchanging for other shadows of this company, but then in my opinion the author’s palette loses its meaning.

When taking pictures of swatch, shadows and highlighter did not knock me to my knees. They rubbed nicely, but there was not a big wow like other companies’ palettes.

When today I started painting with them, I must admit that they positively surprised me. Matt shadows blended nicely and joined together. Glowing: bright blue and bright green were very good to the eyelid with a dry and wet brush. Unfortunately, the dark blue well … trying to put it on the same base as the other shadows, unfortunately he did not want to stick well, neither wet nor dry and only ugly stains on this shade, he did not want to stumble, even when I tried to pat him with his finger it was not what I expected.

The highlighter is quite nice on the skin, although it looks dirty to me. When I watched him in action on the internet and when imposing on myself, I did not like it.

Shadows when working with them are shattering heavily in the packaging.

Unfortunately, nowhere on the packaging there is no information that the products are not tested on animals. However, from what I know, the whole brand is not cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, just as I was afraid after a while, my eyes started to water so I will not use this palette anymore.